Relab Development Sonsig Rev-A


Classic Algorithmic Reverb – Revitalized

Sonsig Rev-A combines traditional true-stereo algorithmic reverb with advanced modern filter and modulation controls in a great-sounding, easy to use, affordable plug-in.

  • 10 distinctly different reverb sizes provides a broad range of reverbs, from vintage warmth to pure and clear modern spaces
  • “First of its kind” output render modes to instantly change the reverb’s overall character.
  • Unprecedented in-reverb modulation with the world’s first true in-reverb ensemble chorus.

With Sonsig Rev-A, you’re sure to get the perfect reverb, fast and easy – every time.

Create The Space You Need, When You Need It

Sonsig Rev-A provides a broad range of reverbs, from vintage warmth and deep, lush, larger-than-life spaces with moving reverb tails like you’ve never heard before, to the pure and clear sounds of natural, realistic modern spaces.

  • Choose from 10 distinctly different reverb sizes each with adjustable decay time for precise control of your virtual listening space.
  • Shape your sound quickly and easily with menu-free controls for Tempo-Lockable PreDelay, Size, Decay, Width and Diffusion.
  • Get infinite sustain with the innovative Freeze function and create abstract spatial effects and drones.

Regardless of instruments, regardless of settings, the rich, luscious sound of Sonsig Rev-A is a significant step up from the established, traditional and stock reverbs – at a fraction of the price.

Distinctive Character and Exponential Tonal Possibilities

Relab Development Sonsig Rev-AThe sound of Sonsig Rev-A ranges from classic 80s hardware to realistic and unrealistic modern spaces.

With the “first of its kind” Output Render Modes, choose from three uniquely different output models to instantly change the reverb’s overall character.

Choose from the much sought-after low-fi, vintage character of the QRS, the instantly recognizable character and texture of the 224, and the pristine modern spaciousness of the Rev-A.

Whether you’re mixing pop, rock, hip hop, electronic, or orchestral music, you can bring extraordinary dimension and detail to your productions with ease, using Sonsig Rev-A.

The World’s First « In-Reverb » True Ensemble Chorus

Rev-A takes a unique approach to modulation never before found in a reverb by using three simultaneous modulation algorithms, for unparalleled, dynamic sound quality.
With Ensemble, you get lush reverb tails that sound elegant and classy even on the longest decay settings.


SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS pour Relab Development Sonsig Rev-A

  • Shipping Format: E-Mail
  • License validity: perpetual
  • Compatible with macOS (10.9 + above VST/AU/AAX – 64-bit)
  • and compatible with Windows (7 + above VST/AAX – 64-bit)
  • Important Note: Big Sur/M1 Users – LX480 is only available using Rosetta. This plugin is available in 64-bit only.


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