Relab Development LX480 Essentials


Four Legendary Reverb Sounds – One Easy To Use Plugin

Relab LX480 Essentials not only faithfully captures the sound of the classic 480L* reverb hardware, but makes getting that legendary sound faster and easier than ever before. Transform tracks with the rich complex textures, and lush spacious reverb tails that only the Relab LX480 can deliver.

  • Get the sound of four of the most famous presets from the original Lexicon 480L.
  • Use signature presets created by world-class mixers Richard Furch, Joe Carrell – and more!
  • Experiment with legendary Lexicon 480L sounds with the “Plate,” “Ambience,” “Hall,” and “Room” algorithms.

Introducing Relab LX480 Essentials

For decades, the 480L has been the standard by which all other reverb processors have been measured.
With Relab LX480 Essentials, now you can bring FOUR of the most famous reverb sounds from the legendary 480L – natively to your mixes.

Four Legendary Reverb Sounds  At Your Fingertips

Based on FOUR of Relab’s best-in-class reverb algorithm emulations of one of the most widely-used algorithmic reverbs ever built, you can now transform your tracks with the rich complex textures, and lush spacious reverb tails that only the Relab LX480 can deliver.

Relab LX480 pluginsmasters


  • Fat Plate
    Based on the legendary RHall algorithm and what the 480 was famous for – lush, rich, shiny plates without any mix clutter. Designed to emulate the sounds of metal plates, with a relatively bright, coloured sound. Great for vocals and percussion.
  • Medium Hall
    One of the most traditional reverb sounds, this classic favourite was designed to emulate a real medium-sized hall. Great for giving tracks a sense of belonging to the same space with a smooth and even decay.
  • Small Ambience 
    Designed to become a part of the direct sound, the ambience algorithm is very effective in adding distance to a very dry sounding track. Great for really short drum rooms, and for an impression that is more felt than heard.
  • Large Wood Room
    Designed to emulate coloured sounding spaces, the room is typically less noticeable than a Hall. This algorithm can be effectively used to create the sense of space, without being overtly distinguishable. Great for film, TV and all genres of music production.

With LX480 Essentials You Can:

  • Get the sound of four of the most famous presets from the original 480 hardware natively in your DAW.
  • Experiment with legendary 480 sounds with the  « Plate, » « Ambience, » « Hall, » and « Room » algorithms.
  • Create almost any space with tails that are deeper, longer and smoother.
  • Keep your mixes clean and clutter-free with built-in hi and low pass filtering.
  • Benefit from an improved workflow based on simple key reverb settings and features.



SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS pour Relab Development LX480 Essentials

  • Shipping Format: E-Mail
  • License validity: perpetual
  • Compatible with macOS (10.9 + above VST/AU/AAX – 64-bit)
  • and compatible with Windows (7 + above VST/AAX – 64-bit)
  • Important Note: Big Sur/M1 Users – LX480 is only available using Rosetta. This plugin is available in 64-bit only.


*Lexicon, 480L Digital Effects System and 480L are trademarks of Lexicon Inc. which are in no way associated or affiliated with Relab Development. These trademarks of other manufacturers are used solely to identify the products of those manufacturers whose sounds were studied during the development of the plugin


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